Played: 19 Jan 2022 Team size: 4 Time taken: 49 minutes Outcome: Successful escape!
originalcleverimmersivequite difficult

An excellent set of puzzles! They were diverse and original - could see them being quite a challenge for less experienced groups, but with the option to radio for help, wouldn't be impossible.

My one big criticism (which applied to the previous game at the same location) is that the darker rooms obscured a few puzzle parts or made them difficult to see for anyone with poor vision or lacking reasonable night-sight - not to a immense degree and certainly not dangerous, but it meant things took longer than they might and could potentially strain the eyes a little.

Aside from that, no major issues - it's a good game for a group as there's a lot to look at and solve - more than a few that felt like they required a minimum of 2 people to even have a hope of completing - doing it solo would be challenging!

The different requirements for puzzles was also satisfying, and lets each person in the group play their part: timing and reflexes were tested in one, aiming in another, clue-spotting and puzzle-solving in most of them, of course - nothing too difficult in itself, but messing it up could easily lose precious time, and allows people's talents to shine.

Theming was also excellent, both with the plot and technology of the target era being spot-on and used well, the props and designs were fitting and didn't obstruct the puzzles either, and the solutions satisfying and rewarding as you solved each of them - and narrowing in on the final solution was a constant feature in the game.

Definitely recommend for expert and enthusiastic Escapees - just expect to be kept on your toes!

Played: 15/02/22 Team size: 5 Time taken: 59:03 Outcome: Successful escape!
great hostingfamily friendlyoverpricedquite easy

Good game, well hosted and led-through by our Informant as an online game.

Suffered somewhat as an online one since some puzzles were difficult to see/do remotely in that manner - the inventory page was a good way round this, but it still deducts from the sense of discovery somewhat when things just ping straight into that rather than having the fun of spotting it yourself - even if you do need it because it's not always clear.

This was particularly noticeable with using the camera to find particular solutions, requiring out host to go to greater lengths to work on it.

Also felt limited because we only had one pair of hands - even with the inventory management, we could only test or try one thing at a time which I could see being problematic with more than a few people playing as it can leave some people less able to interact or having one person lead all the time.

Still an excellent experience, however, and a great standard for new or experienced players alike, and very friendly and experienced staff, ready to help but also letting you work your own way through things.

Do recommend, especially in the current Pandemic times!