O.M. Guiliano: The Cypher Puzzle Book

By | March 21, 2020

by O.M. Guiliano (website)

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The Cypher Puzzle Book is a unique idea in the genre of puzzle books. Part 1 consists of two stories about a spaceship called Ghost, and its crew, that has an interplanetary mission of dumping inhabited planet waste into the atmosphere of Venus. The embedded text translates into lyrics of songs. In future works, the Ghost adventures will continue as the underlying text varies. Part 2 is a poem within a poem. As a level 3 puzzle, the embedded poem is a bit harder to decipher-but hopefully enjoyable and thought provoking. Part 2 of future work will be a level 2 or level 3 puzzle of varying topics. In Metamorphosis, we have a surface poem that is metaphysical as well as historical. The embedded poem is about a monarch butterfly. The answers to these puzzles will be provided in the next edition.
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