Cluedini Yarm: Hex

By | September 29, 2019

by Cluedini Yarm (website)

Winpenny House, 135-137 High Street, TS15 9AY


2-6 players

60 minutes

You are about to enter the lair of wicked witch Mary Seeton. In revenge for the death of her great grandmother, who was killed in this very spot in the great flood of 1771, Mary has set a hex upon Yarm and the other towns and villages which the River Tees runs through. In just 1 hour, that hex will be unleashed, and curse the surrounding area for the rest of time. Only a powerful coven of good witches can thwart Mary's dark magic.
Are you brave enough to enter her lair? Think you and your fellow witches can release the hex? Will you be the ones who can bring peace to the local community?
Time is running out. You have just 60 minutes to save the day….
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