SuperNatural Escape: 1427 Potter Lane

By | September 29, 2019

by SuperNatural Escape (website)

Level 3, Leigh Spinners Mill, WN7 2LB


1-5 players

60 minutes

In 1984 a Paranormal Investigator called Tony Sumner was called to 1427 Potter Lane, never to be seen again.
Fast forward to 2019 the Supernatural Diaries paranormal team was able to enter the apartment. We found the remains of Tony Sumner holding a Ouija board close to his chest, writing of panic upon the doors, a camera with photos of a figure that appears to be demonic.
We haven't been successful in cleansing the demonic soul or 1427 Potter Lane, we need more energy to pass the unclean spirit on, The spirit wont show itself to us anymore it knows what we are trying to do.
We need YOU!
Dare you help? Can you Escape before it arrives? Are you brave enough?
1427 Potter Lane Awaits You!
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