Unlocky Escape Room: Hideout

By | June 30, 2019

by Unlocky Escape Room (website)

Maison Du Vin, 22 Market Place, YO17 7LX


3-6 players

60 minutes

It’s 1945 and you are agents of the 6th Airbourne division under the command of Major General Fitzgerald. Your comrade corporal Ernest White has been undercover since 1943 on a secret mission, living in what is referred to as, The Hideout.
Corporal White reports back updates on his findings on a weekly basis through morse code, but Fitzgerald has received no word in two weeks which has raised serious concern.
You and your team have been disclosed the location of the hideout, your task is to find the important information White alluded to in his last message and send it back to base
but, be quick, it seems there is a mole in our ranks and the enemy got wind of your whereabouts and are 60 minutes march away.
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