Breakout Manchester: Cursed Carnival

By | May 28, 2019

by Breakout Manchester (website)

51 Church Street, M4 1PD


2-5 players

60 minutes

Roll up, roll up! The Cursed Carnival has come to town, promising thrills, chills and marvels! There are games to be played and wonders to be seen - but you're drawn by something much more sinister...
Can you return Francesca the Haunted Doll to her home in the freak show before the hour is up? Or will the carnival's curse follow you forever...
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Player reviews

Scotus0 experienced says:

Cursed? More Like Cute...

I went for this room as I like a spooky challenge. Little did I know...


Return to the cursed carnival to rescue a doll possessed by a girl...or is that a girl trapped in a doll? Even so, our Game Operator said our mission was to find said doll to sell it on the black market. Who knows.


Straightforward, standard solving with the odd carnival game or two thrown in.


There were plenty of circus-themed articles, but none had been given the horror twist I expected. The Hall of Mirrors was a highlight.

Final Comments

We bossed it as a team of two. No one else is needed. In relation to 'Cursed', the name is very inaccurate, but as for 'Carnival', it's spot on. The difficulty rating should be two stars, not three. Overall, a chilled and amusing room.

Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5

Reviews by escape room review sites

Rated as the easiest of Breakout Liverpool's games, we added Cursed Carnival to our schedule partly for the theme and partly just because it was available at a convenient slot time. With most of Breakout's games being on the easy side for experienced players, I was expecting Carnival to be brief and insubstantial, but was pleased to discover that it's actually one of their better games, and not noticeably shorter.
Every now and again an escape game gives you an item or clue before you go into t...
A reasonably well themed, not very scary carnival game. Good puzzles and a reasonable flow made this an enjoyable experience.

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