Breakout Manchester: Enchanted

By | March 20, 2019

by Breakout Manchester (website)

36 High Street, M4 1QB


2-5 players

60 minutes

You are in the Wizarding section of the local the library. You notice a book you’ve never seen before. Drawn to it, you start to thumb through the dusty pages of the book…
The next thing you know you wake up in an enchanted forest! After walking for what seems like hours, and encountering many strange creatures along the way, you find yourselves at a house made of gingerbread and sweets. Should you enter the house or stay away? Will your sweet tooth get the better of you? Can you escape the trap laid out for you, before the witch returns to eat you?
Beware! This challenge is a little Grimm and may not suit the faint of heart!
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Scotus0 experienced says:

Fairy Tale Findings

As this room has a medium difficulty rating, I just brought one other person for the challenge.


Transported from a library to a witch’s gingerbread house in a faraway fairytale land, escape before she returns and eats you. NB: Our GO said we were in the ‘restricted’ section of the library, apparently…


There’s so much to find in this one, meaning once or twice- much to our chagrin- we had to be given a nod in the right direction! Apart from one or two anomalies, the puzzles took fitting inspiration from the Brothers Grimm and similar authors. I enjoyed the variety of locks to crack- there was pretty much one of every single type- and the assembly/procedure of the final puzzle struck both of us as being very impressive. In the reset prior to our game, one of the boxes was left unlocked…luckily, this was associated with one of the earlier puzzles, and didn’t cause us too much confusion.


In this smallish space, the petite wooden furniture, cabinets crammed with artefacts and other décor gave it a beguiling, olde-worlde atmosphere; it would definitely pass for a fairy tale witch’s cottage in the deep, dark forest. However, I’ve never seen so many ‘Do Not Touch’ stickers!

Final Comments

This was a solid three-star room. Were it not for our subpar searching skills, we’d have probably got out in record time.

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5

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