Escape The Review is an escape room directory and rating site, for escape rooms in the U.K. and beyond.

Escape games vary hugely and every player has different tastes, but some games get much better feedback than others. We aim to bring together ratings and reviews from enthusiasts and bloggers to give you as much useful information as possible to help you find amazing escape rooms.

This site started as a personal review blog and we continue to post game reviews, but the game rankings on this site are aggregated across ratings from all sources, weighted by the experience of the reviewer.

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A note on our rating system

Firstly, all ratings are intended for people who play a lot of escape rooms. If you’ve never played one before, then you’ll very likely love even one of the ones we’ve given a low rating. Let me emphasise that:

On TripAdvisor or other review sites aimed at the general public, almost every single room reviewed here deserves a 5* review. But a long list of 5* ratings isn’t useful, so our rating scale is deliberately harsher.

Secondly, a simple average of the ratings given to a room can be misleading – there’s a huge difference between a room that most people think is average, and one that some love and some hate. Therefore we display a range of ratings. For example, rating_25_40 means that most ratings of the game were between 2.5 / 5 and 4 / 5.

As a rough guide to interpreting the ratings:

  • rating_10_10 Badly flawed, not recommended
  • rating_20_20 Disappointing, maybe still fun but let down by some elements
  • rating_30_30 Good, definitely worth visiting
  • rating_40_40 Outstanding, highly recommended
  • rating_50_50 A truly exceptional room – go if you possibly can!